If you’re ever in the neighbourhood of North Burnaby, there is an Italian deli by the name of Cioffi’s Meat Market you have to visit. Complete with a deli, grocery store and hot food item area – you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.

You can find frozen goods like pasta (raviolis), sauces, some heat-and-go items which make for easy dinner solutions, gluten free pastas, delicious Italian cookies, some great cuts of meats and a good selection of Italian coffees to name a few.


My primary purpose was to grab lunch with a friend. I was madly debating while waiting in line whether I should get a sandwich or one of their pizzas. I stuck with the sandwich and went with the Classic Veal Parmigiana ($5.99).

I fell in love with the Veal Parmigiana sold in St. Lawrence Market back in Toronto and since then, have not found anything comparable here in Vancouver – until now. While the method is a bit different, the cut and taste of the veal is very comparable. I love the marinara sauce that accompanies this great sandwich as it is sweet and light. The bread is a good choice as it holds the sandwich together long enough for you to eat it all before it gets soggy.


My friend ordered the special Veal Parmigiana with pickled mushrooms ($6.99). There is also mozza and arugula served with it. He enjoyed his sandwich but was expecting the pickled mushrooms to have some sort of kick to them. Good sandwich overall though.

I also bought some cookies that are not pictured here that are Coffee & Chocolate flavoured. They look like small biscotti and are absolutely marvellous with a cappuccino – so be sure to check them out too!

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Ambiance: n/a


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