On a beautiful Saturday summer afternoon Adrian and I headed down Robson street to try out a funky little food cart.




I would give better directions but I think “funky animated chicken in a wrap outside the art gallery” is good enough!

Dan and Sammy, the owners of Eat Chicken Wrap, greeted us warmly and after our order I realized that they offer free peanuts to munch on while you wait! Not wanting to have anything on my palette before my wraps I decided to opt out on them (this time, I WILL be back) but I thought it was a super cute touch.



Here we go, first thing we ordered was the Hoisin Chicken roll (if you aren’t a chicken fan, I guess you should know by now that isn’t the place for you, but they do have vegetarian options available). The first thing you’ll notice is that instead of a corn or flour tortilla, everything is wrapped in a Chinese pancake (whhaat?!). Normally Chinese pancakes are a little on the oily side for me, and I wouldn’t have imagined it to be the outside for a wrap but I was pleasantly surprised. The skin was crispy and with the freshness of the veggies and tenderness of the chicken, it all balanced nicely! I initially thought the size was a little small but by the end of it I was full. Definitely a good choice if you’re hungry.


I love the cute packaging and it came with a wet napkin (how considerate 🙂 ).


Round two, we ordered the Kung Pao Chicken and the special Poutine Al Pastor that is solely for social media followers.




I couldn’t decide whether the Hoisin wrap or the lettuce wrap took the cake for me more, but in the end this one won me over. For a couple of reasons really:

A) This reminds me of a dish I would often get at Chinese restaurants, usually alongside Peking Duck, it comes in a lettuce wrap as well only the inside would be veggies and minced pork.

B) It’s refreshing, with the hot summer heat this was a nice light meal to have.





Also, the texture really surprised me. Inside was well seasoned Kung Pao chicken, peanuts, corn and noodle crisps all wrapped in a few lettuce leaves in case something should fall out. The flavours were a little spicy so if you can’t handle any at all I guess you’re missing out!



Finally, the poutine. Now I know this was Adrian’s favourite, unfortunately it fell a little shorter on the list for me. Tomatoes, cilantro, grilled chicken, cheese and what I believe was mayo seasoned with cayenne, it was a great combination but the lettuce and Chinese pancake completely stole the show for me.

Overall, the food was good, the cart was easy to recognize and there were creative combinations, I would recommend people giving it a shot!

Food: mini4forks
Everything was great, menu was a little limited but that’s for most food carts

Service: mini5forks
They brought out the food for us when we waited by the sides, and you’ll most likely get greeted with a smile 

Value: mini3forks
Nothing different from other food cart pricings

Ambiance: N/A

Overall: 4forks
If I’m downtown I’ll swing by again.