If you’re looking for a place that serves brunch until 2p.m.and has friendly service, Elements restaurant is the place to go.


It came recommended to me by a local, so we decided to try it out. The restaurant is located inside/attached to Summit Lodge. We entered from the hotel side, but like all hotel restaurants in Whistler there is also a street entrance. I later read someone describe Elements as “upscale casual,” which I think is a suitable description of the ambiance. We were instantly greeted and seated.


They have quite a big selection of brunch items, including a variety of specialty eggs benedicts and French toast. It took us a while to make our decisions since there were so many yummy sounding options. It turns out they let you mix and match  their eggs benedicts (with some exceptions), so I finally settled on mixing one BC smoked salmon benny and one avocado and tomato benny ($14.00.) My companion opted for the classic pear French toast (11.00.)

Each of our meals arrived with a fruit smoothie shot. My eggs benny came with a potato tartlet topped with chive sour cream. The tartlet was so good! I would have been happy just eating a plate of those.


Both the eggs on my bennys were cooked for a little too long, so the yolks were solid, which was a disappointing. To me, a good eggs benny means the yolks are runny. Perhaps I should have specified my preference but I didn’t think of it since most restaurants automatically serve soft poached eggs on bennys. I also thought the salmon tasted as if it had been heated to a point where it started to cook, instead of being soft the way you would expect lox to be. Aside from that the taste was good. The tomato and avocado benny was my favourite of the two. It came with melted cheese and was drizzled with pesto on top of the hollandaise. It was very good. If I came back here, I would probably order that.

My companion said he liked his French toast. It was four thick slices of French toast served with poached pears and maple syrup.


Overall, I would say the restaurant is a good place to try. They have good sized menu with traditional and unique items. The service was friendly, and the food was good. Next time I’ll be sure to ask for runny eggs with my eggs benny.

For contact information, hours, and menu you can visit their website here.

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