So what does one do when feeling the heat of the summer? Add more heat. Yep, I’m that gal who’s eating Pho, laksa and spicy food all through summer. Some people believe that eating hot foods on a hot day is not a bad thing. I’d like to think of it as my stomach doesn’t discriminate the temperature of the food!

In any case, Brian and I were playing the “what’s for dinner?” game and low and behold, one of my wish list items was to try House of Dosas. They are located right on Kingsway and Knight street and they are open 24 hours! Nice.

They have daily specials, so check out their website down below to see what’s up.


We were seated right away and ordered Chicken 65 to start. Why it’s called chicken 65, I’ll never know. But I’m okay with this because this is one of the best crispy chicken I have ever been served. I tried to pry out the secret behind this delectable dish from our server but he only said it was made with ‘spices’. Dang! I guess something so delicious has to be kept a secret! It looks deceivingly hot due to its red colour but let me assure you it isn’t spicy at all. This is a definite must try when visiting House of Dosas. The chicken is crispy on the outside but tender and moist on the inside.


Now let’s talk Dosas. These wonderful things are similar to crepes but a little more heavier than your normal crepe (but not as heavy as a pancake). They are ridiculously big – maybe a foot or a foot and a half long.


These dosas are made with lentils so it’s packed with protein and fibre. On the plate you are served with two different chutneys and a vegetable sambar. The chutneys were coconut and the other, carrot. I loved the duality of this dish – one being sweet and the other one spicy (but not hot-spicy, but spices-spicy?). It was quite a warm day so the coconut chutney helped with the spiciness wrapped within the dosa.


So there is many different flavours that can be served with a dosa. Brian chose the Chicken and Mixed Vegetable Dosa and I went with the Palak Paneer.

mixed chicken and vegetable dosa

I liked mine better personally because it was much spicier than his. Also it had chunks of cheese and tofu which is perfect if you’re a vegetarian (or trying to eat less meat). However, Brian’s Mixed Veggie and Chicken dosa was delicious on it’s own too. This is one thing I admire about East Indian cuisine, how they can mix different spices and herbs to make a delectable dish.

My Palak Paneer Dosa
My Palak Paneer Dosa

These dosas range from $9 and up, but on Mondays they have a special for just $5.99. Check em out the next time you’re in the area.

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OVERALL: 4forks

Check out their website including their menu here.

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