Recently, I was invited by Denny’s to try out their new mobile app MyDenny’s, where you can stock up points to trade for money off your next purchase or items off the menu and also mobile rewards for birthdays or certain times of the day. The app is available for both iOS and Android but can also be accessed for non-smartphone users at PS, I have to mention how awesome their press kit is for this new app (I love getting awesome press kits):


Disclaimer: Please note that I was sent an invitation to try out this app and my meal was paid for by the company.

I am a Denny’s fan, mostly because when my parents and I used to travel when I was younger through the states, our family breakfasts were usually at a Denny’s. So whenever I eat there, it brings back that certain nostalgia. My normal order is usually the Grand Slam but tonight I decided to try something new (and slightly healthier). They have the Cali Jack Turkey Burger. It consists of a grilled turkey patty on a whole wheat bun with Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado and chipotle sauce. I decided to upgrade to seasoned fries which were a good idea.


My burger patty was actually more delicious than I expected. It was quite thick and juicy, resembling a beef patty which made it quite easy to enjoy. The combination of pico de gallo aka fresh salsa and the avocado made it a nice, refreshing burger to enjoy. But for sure the fries were the best part of this meal. Crunchy and well seasoned, I’ll definitely get these fries instead of the regular ones when I come here again.


Back tracking here a little, but we started off with Chicken Strips – not your regular chicken strips that are breaded and served with dipping sauce. Here they toss the breaded chicken strips into sauce – either BBQ or Buffalo sauce. Today we went with the BBQ sauce. It was a little bit on the sweet side, but still enjoyable.


Brian ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger. It was topped with melted Swiss cheese, mushrooms sautéed in garlic and herbs and the regular burger fixings. He ordered onion rings instead of fries. I do love my onion rings so I had to steal one from him.


He also ordered the Pacific Chiller which is coconut, lime, banana and orange with Sprite. It was interestingly blue and quite sweet.
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