For our third wedding anniversary, Brian decided to surprise me with a quick trip to Portland for the weekend!


Our first stop was an obvious one, the ever popular Pok Pok. When we arrived, the hostess explained it would be about an hour wait but we could go to the Whiskey Soda Lounge and they would call us when our table was ready.


Brian and I crossed the street and walked not even a block to Whiskey
Soda Lounge. This place was almost as busy as Pok Pok but we managed
to snag a seat.

Pok Pok and its counterparts are all Thai restaurants that serve up
great food at a great price point.


We ordered drinks, Brian ordered the lime ice tea and I ordered the
Thai Iced Tea, both $4.


I loved my milky and slightly spiced Thai iced tea, Brian wasnt too
big a fan of his but I think it was because of the fact it had spice
to it. I personally thought it was good.


We ordered Ike’s Fish Sauce Wings ($11). These wings will knock any
other place’s wings out of the water. It isnt anything new using fish
sauce in Thai cuisine, but the masterful blend of hotness,
honey/sweetness and the tangy slightly fishy taste is so delicious.

SONY DSC These wings are enormous and so tender and juicy inside. I would say
these would be in my top 3 wings I have ever tried. Brian thought it
was the best wings he’s ever had.

Our next dish was the Jin Tup Roht Dii ($11).


Low and slow grilled flank steak with a little of salt and MSG. It’s pounded with a sledge hammer (for real??) and served with naam phrik khaa, a chile-galangal dipping sauce. While this was good and an interesting eat, I preferred the wings instead. The dipping sauce is the important part of this dish and gave it a nice sweet/spicy kick.

Overall, I’d say Whiskey Soda Lounge is a great place to eat and drink
and you dont have to wait as long as Pok Pok. I do like that you can
wait at the lounge for your seat but if you arent too picky there is
enough to eat at Whiskey Soda lounge that you can skip the line at
Pok Pok and eat here instead.

Check out the website, menu and hours here.

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