Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Whistler Mountain offers a Mountain Top BBQ at the Roundhouse Lodge during the summer months.


Please note, I was invited, and my meal and lift ticket were paid for.

Each night offers a different menu with a featured meat. Friday features whole hog (barbecued pork) with all the fixings including cornbread and coleslaw. Saturday features prime rib with Italian sausage and a variety of accompaniments. Sunday features barbequed salmon and other seafood. We chose to go on Saturday night to try out the prime rib and Italian sausage.


Sadly, the Saturday we chose had some unfortunate weather in the evening. There was a lightning warning and for safety reasons, they had to shut down the lifts, which meant the sold out BBQ was cancelled. People had the option of getting a refund or exchanging the tickets for another day. We exchanged our tickets for Sunday’s BBQ. Fortunately, the weather held up on Sunday.


It was a sunny, warm, clear day. Perfect for a barbeque, especially on a mountain top.
There are seats inside and outside, at the back and front of the Roundhouse. Outside will get you views like this:




The set up is buffet style and seat yourself. They had two rows of a variety of breads, salads and other sides. Salads included tossed salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, beet and chickpea salad.


Sides included Tuscan rice, roast potatoes, mixed veggies, cheese covered broccoli and cauliflower, and jerk chicken.



They also had a kids station with mac and cheese, and hot dogs.


Of course, I can’t forget the featured seafood.

The seafood station had chefs serving up barbequed salmon, prawns, mussels and clams. Next to the seafood was a table of various sauces: tzatziki, Greek raita, soy maple glaze and lemon wedges to garnish your seafood if you wish.


I generally avoid ordering salmon at restaurants because I often find it overcooked. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the salmon. The flesh was cooked to that “just right” point where it was flaky but still moist.


In fact, I enjoyed all the food. All of the food was fresh and cooked perfectly, and had great flavour. Other than the seafood, I think my favourite dinner items were the pasta salad, roast potatoes and jerk chicken.


For drinks they have a pop, tea and coffee area where you can help yourself to a variety of hot and cold drinks. There is also a bar where you can purchase alcohol.

After dinner came dessert. They had a few tables of desserts. Even using a dinner plate I couldn’t fit a small piece of each dessert on one plate. There were brownies, pecan pie, meringue, chocolate bread pudding, lemon trifle, and watermelon slices, among other things.


My favourite was the bread pudding and the meringue. Even though I was stuffed, I had to go back for another scoop of the bread pudding.


If you’re Whistler, chances are you are already planning to go up the mountain. I think it’s definitely worth it to pay the extra $16 (reduced prices for seniors/youth and children) to experience the BBQ. You do need a lift ticket/pass to get up to the BBQ, which you can pick up separately or purchase together with your BBQ ticket. A sightseeing lift ticket is only good for one ride up the mountain. However, if you have a lift ticket and Mountain Top BBQ ticket, you can use your lift ticket to go up and explore the mountain during the day, come back down to get ready for the BBQ, and then use the same lift ticket again to go up to the BBQ. You must have both the BBQ ticket and the lift pass with you to get up a second time, and it must be on the same day. Just the BBQ ticket alone will not get you up the mountain. If you aren’t sure, the staff at all the Whistler Blackcomb ticket booths are very helpful and can help you discuss your options. I highly suggest taking advantage of the “free” second ride up to the BBQ so that you have a chance to explore the mountains earlier in the day. There are some absolutely beautiful views and fantastic hikes to explore. The views at Whistler summit are especially breathtaking.


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