The oh-so-familiar Vancouver rainy weather was back, yet I wasn’t content spending my day at home.Hm, life can be difficult.

So instead I searched up places in Richmond to try and find something out of the ordinary to eat. Located between No.5 and No.6 road on Viking Way I found something that I was willing to ignore the rain for.


Near the industrial part of Richmond, Two Chefs and a Table is a little restaurant hidden away amongst all the warehouses. My friend and I took a while but eventually we found the place. What you’re looking at is the counter/ bar side, the dining room is at the back.


Now I’m an oddball, I actually LOVE places to eat that look completely shady and nowhere near where you would find food. I used to frequent Tenku Bakudanyaki (a food cart that sold giant takoyaki balls) simply because they were in an empty parking lot. However once inside you’re in for a pleasant surprise.



The décor was very nice! Simple, spacious and quaint I felt very relaxed while I was seated.



A look at the menu: lots of variety, reasonable prices and they had the thing I was willing to travel all the way here for: chicken and waffles.



We all know Richmond is known for their Asian cuisines such as dim sum, Japanese, Taiwanese and HK style cafes, but who would have thought I could enjoy some chicken and waffles right here in Richmond?! I was excited.

However, I have mixed thoughts about this dish. The waffle was nice and the size was appropriate, but maybe because the chicken had to be fried as well so when the whole dish was served the waffles were only lukewarm in temperature. The chicken was nicely fried but only slightly seasoned and a little dry. What I have to commend on is that they had toasted, honey-glazed walnuts, maple syrup and sweet butter which combined with everything else saved it a lot. Not the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had but it wasn’t terrible either.


We also shared the Basil Salmon and Shrimp penne, the portion was generous and it looked very pleasing. Again I have mixed reviews. The pesto, although made in-house, was a bit on the salty side and my friend and I found we were drinking a lot of water afterwards. Spinach was a nice touch and there was certainly enough shrimp but they forgot about the salmon! We hadn’t noticed until halfway through the dish so we chose not to ask for them to add it in, but I did mention it to our server in case the customers after us weren’t as lenient. Another good dish but again it wasn’t anything special.


Our bill at the end of the meal, our server was very nice about the fact that we only had a shrimp penne so she gave us a 15% discount.  With the total being only around $20 it was a relatively cheap lunch!

Food: mini3forks
Lots to choose from, but what we tried was average.

Service: mini4forks
Food took a little while but the waitress apologized and discounted our pasta, what more could we ask for!

Value: mini4forks
Portions were quite big and the prices were reasonable.

Ambiance: mini5forks
Loved the décor, the place was a little hard to find but it was great!

Overall: 3forks

I’m torn with my visit here. Would I come back again? Probably, but this certainly isn’t becoming my new favourite place. Would I bring friends to come try things out? Maybe, depends on which friends. Would I want the chicken and waffles and the pasta? Most likely not but I would like to come back and maybe try out the burgers. I feel I was more enticed with the idea of chicken and waffles in Richmond rather than the actual taste.

My final words are if you’re in the area you should definitely check the place out! Or even if you’re in Richmond and tired of the same ol’ same ol’. Otherwise I wouldn’t drive all the way from say, Surrey, to try this place out. 😛

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