Our final morning in Portland was a quick one – as we were trying to beat the rush to get back home. We decided to check out some of the stores in downtown Portland, so I suggested we try out Brunch Box.

brunch box pdx

Originally a food cart, the folks at Brunch Box expanded to a brick and mortar shop on Southwest 9th Avenue – not too far from the Nordstrom and newly opened City Target.

brunch box pdx

Brunch Box serves some interesting types of burgers and brunch sandwiches – most notably on buttered texas toast. You can also build your own burger and they have great options for kids as well.

brunch box pdx

While brunch was on our minds, I guess our stomachs said otherwise because we both ended up getting burgers.

outlaw brunch box pdx

I ordered the Outlaw ($6.50) but substituted with chicken and pepper jack cheese. The Outlaw consists of a patt with cheddar, bacon, crispy and grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, bbq and mayo. All the beef they use here are certified Black Angus and hand-pressed daily. What I really enjoyed about this burger was the crispy chicken that was still quite tender on the inside and the garlicky, buttery texas toast it was served on. There was a good crunch to the burger and it didn’t get soggy by the time I was through with it.



OMG burger brunch box pdx

Brian settled for the OMG burger ($8.50). This burger is served with American cheese, bacon, ham, spam and egg and some lettuce, tomato, grilled onions with ketchup, mustard and mayo. This was literally a farm built into one burger, I’m pretty sure Brian’s arteries were screaming OMG. But Brian really enjoyed this burger and he would bite the bullet for another one soon!

OMG burger brunch box pdx

Brian ordered a drink, but we should’ve just ordered a combo (small fries and a medium drink for an extra $2.50) as the drink itself was $2. Next time.

I would definitely recommend BrunchBox if you’re in Portland, as this is definitely a gem you can’t find here in Vancouver!

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Check out their menu (I noticed the prices are not updated to reflect store prices) and other info on their website here.

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