Eat St was at the Food Cart Festival. I heard constant cheers coming from Dougie Dogs when I arrived, because Eat St was filming them! I watched some of their volunteers rollerskate around with go pros on their helmets. I’m not sure what was happening – I think there were rumours of free hot dogs! This reminded me of my friend Lauren, who I mentioned last time. Everytime we go to the Food Cart Fest, she gets a Dougie Dog. I have yet to try one, but everyone I’ve talked to says they’re delicious.

I had Pig on the Street. My number was in the form of a wood shaped pig, called the Porkshire Ripper. I guess technically I was the Porkshire Ripper. As I waited, for my BLT, I got a cheesy bread with bacon infused in it. So good! I didn’t have it all, because my BLT was amazing! It had bacon, spinach, cheese and avocado. It is everything I love in one: and it isn’t too greasy! I loved how the spinach filled me right up – I’d love it in every variation now, exnay on the lettuce thanks.

My friend Shawn had Mogu, which I recommended because I had it before. I believe he had the pork burger and the chicken karaage. He is also super healthy and this was his eat-whatever day. I saw him down the chicken karaage super fast!

Paul was kinda late in coming, so Shawn and I had round two. Or technically, Shawn had a round two, I went to the the Eastside Flea Market. So, I went back to Carnal Designs as Shawn got some food at Soho Road. I tried on this red polka dot dress at Happy Yellow Dress, which is joint with Carnal. Ok. I got into this dress, but my arms didn’t have much mobility in the dress because I have broad shoulders. There’s a v neck dress that caught my eye, which would probably work for my shoulders but went to go find Shawn and find out where Paul was at.

I do give places like Happy Yellow Dress, Scout Boutique, Spank and the brand Lady Dutch, etc props for having dresses for the skinny, the pudgy and the plus while being stylish, bright and vibrant. This is fashion in general: Why is it so hard to find dresses that fit correctly when you’re not just a stereotypically thin girl? Even for guys too. The last time I went to Top Shop with Paul to look for a suit for him, the attendant led us to the plus size suit section (Paul is not obese – just short and stocky so to speak), in which very few and ugly options were available compared to the Skinny Fit options. Excuse me, can I use your washroom so I can puke my fat away? Maybe then I can get the navy skinny fit suit versus the fucking gross ass maroon piece of @#$! that sales person waved at us. It’s no wonder people have eating problems. Hey I may be pudgy, but I still have taste. No, not taste in foo — y’know what — @#$! fat intolerance.

Speaking of Paul, he got a Mom’s Grilled Cheese sandwich. I brought him over because I know he’d love the brick sized slices of cheese and the kettle chips that come with it. He gave me his pickle, and by the time I was done eating the pickle, he was pretty much almost finished his grilled cheese sandwich. He got sourdough bread, cheese, bacon and turkey. It smelled so good and I took a bite – I think the secret might be the butter they also put on it. I’m not sure, it’s just so good!

We went to go look at snakes, tarantulas, fishes and underwater plants after a morning of eating. It started to rain at the fest, so we got out of there quickly.