The recently opened Homer Street Cafe is by far one of the most beautiful restaurants I have seen in a long time. I adore the great tiling and the different areas in this cafe/bar. Upon entry, there is a long, narrow sitting area that’s clean and you can watch the rotisserie chicken turn. You can go up to the bar area, where it’s still comfortable to sit and chat with friends and also enjoy the large windows that lead out to their patio area.

Today I was joined by my BCIT buds, Liane and Adrian. The spread here at Homer St. Cafe is comfort food – so you’ll see lots of laid back dishes.

homer street cafe

We started off with the Rillettes on toast ($6) – this dish is similar to pate. The rillettes is served on crispy toast and has a nice, mellow taste to it. There is no one taste that over powers this dish and is a nice start to your meal.

homer street cafe-59

Adrian settled on the Garganelli pasta, lobster, kale, lemon and chili ($22).

homer street cafe-51

Liane went with the Seared Albacore Tuna and brandade, vegetable antipasto ($16).

homer street cafe-46

I went with their special which was a pork knuckle pasta ($21~). The meat sauce on this pasta is nice and definitely comforting. It isn’t overly salty and I feel like the portion was perfect for what it was. Not something I would normally order, but it was good.

Homer St. Cafe is a nice place to catch up with friends in a beautiful setting. This is definitely on the higher end of comfort food places, but is a great place to start on a night out.

Food: mini3andahalfforks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini3forks

Ambiance: mini5forks

OVERALL: 3andahalfforks

Check out their menu and website here.

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