Harry Potter. The name alone is so famous, I’m sure everyone knows who the wizard with the lightning bolt on his forehead is. If you’re a big fan of the books, this is a MUST for you. Everything from having your own wand, different games and eats (every flavour jelly beans!) and even scarves from the various houses will make you nerd so hard.


I’ve read the books but I can’t say I’m a super huge fan. But that being said, it was still fun to check out this area of the park. Food Queen Amy suggested that I must try the butter beer ($4) and so we did!


There is no alcohol in this drink and it is a mixture of butterscotch and root beer almost. Again, quite sweet so it’s best to share. Also it’s best to note that you can have butter beer frozen or liquid, but the best would be frozen!

Food/Drink: mini4forks

Service: mini3andahalfforks


Ambiance: mini5forks

OVERALL: 4andahalfforks

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