I was first introduced to Candy Meister at the Vancouver Christmas Market – they reminded me so much of childhood with hard candies during the Christmas season.

These hard candies originate all the way from Germany, brought here by a couple hailing from Berlin – Elisa Koeppen and Max Szelies. These candies are mostly made in a specialty candy factory in Duisburg, Germany. There, the producer upholds family traditions established in 1949 which preserves high quality, original and consistently delicious candy.

There are three different types of candy they offer Fruit, Herbal and Special. The fruit is the most nostalgic for me and probably my most favourite of all of them. Herbal candy is based on plants like anise, fennel, liquorice and with some, can bring some relief to sore throats during this impending cold season. Finally, their speciality candy are the more nontraditional types like crunchy caramel peanuts, gold choco nuggets, mulled wine and liquorice.

Some of their candy is gluten free, sugar free and even dairy free. So there is definitely something for someone here.

With their newly launched candy-food truck, Candy Meister has been popping up everywhere including the Richmond Summer Night Market, the Fraser Valley Food Show and most recently, Park Royal (South).

The fine folks at Candy Meister sent me a couple bags to sample: Assorted Fruits, Crunchy Caramel Peanuts and Golden Choco Nuggets.


My absolute favourite is the Assorted Fruits, as it is like I mentioned earlier, what brings me the most nostalgia of my childhood! They are sweet and a little on the tart side but provide a wonderful flavour. My favourite of the mixed ones are the lemon and orange slices.


The Golden Choco Nuggets are described on their website as “light hazelnut and caramel flavoured golden nugget filled with chocolate” and I found that this one in particular had more of a resounding caramel flavour to it. Like most hard candies, the chocolate is a complimentary flavour so it’s not overly chocolatey.


Finally, the Crunchy Caramel Peanuts. These little squares of caramelized candy are infused with roasted and unfrosted peanuts for that peanut brittle like taste in a bite. These are not as hard as peanut brittle but enjoyable.

And now, it is your turn Gastrofork readers – you have a chance to win and pick out your own three types and try them for yourself!

Update: Congratulations to Alisia Van’t Schip for winning! We will be in touch with you shortly with further details!

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