I’m going to start off this post with my thoughts on Disney Dining. Yes, Disney dining can be expensive – but it’s similar to navigating through Vancouver. If you spend some time doing a little research before your trip, you can figure out where are the absolute musts for you and get an idea of where you’re staying and what’s available nearby. Also, portion sizes are bigger than in Vancouver, so its easy to share between two people (unless you eat a lot…then maybe you’ll pass on the sharing!).

The Crystal Palace at first glance when I looked at it on the website did not pique my interest. However, when we were there, I really wanted to do a character dining experience and Brian ‘convinced’ me (well, more like he suggested and of course I obliged 😉 ) that we could do this one. The dinner is pricey at $40 per person, but you’re not paying entirely for the food, you’re also paying for a chance to meet and greet Winnie the Pooh and friends – who come to your table for a bit to take photos, sign autographs and hang out for a little bit. Putting that into perspective, this buffet is not so badly priced.

If you’re not into the whole meet characters/character dining, then I really suggest you pass on this one.

Now, onto the food! I wasn’t expecting much from the buffet, as the menu online was typical ‘American’ type food. But I was surprised with the more healthier options they offered – they had whole wheat turkey corn dogs, all different types of salads including a delicious cous cous and quinoa one, steamed tilapa and even whole wheat pasta. For everyone else, there is the carving station of beef tenderloin and turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and so on.


Drinks are all you care to drink but the servers bring them to you. It’s fine because they are so on top of it, that if I left my glass a little less than half empty, by the time I come back from my trip to the buffet, it’s refilled. Sweet.


For desserts, they have soft serve ice cream with various different toppings you can add to it, chocolate cake, cheesecake, lemon tarts and cookies. Plenty of selection for your picky eater.

Every so often the characters come together and do a little entertainment session in the middle of the restaurant, but for the most part, there is a character circulating by your area every 5-ish minutes.


For big kids and small kids alike, you’ll love this chance to meet Pooh and Friends, and for picky eaters, there is a good variety of things to eat here. I would definitely come back – but maybe for breakfast next time!

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