We made our rounds at Animal Kingdom and decided to grab a late lunch before heading out of the park. FlameTree Barbecue is located after the Dino Land area right before the entrance.

animal kingdom

Brian ordered the Ribs and I ordered a salad.

animal kingdom flame tree barbecue

Brian’s 1/2 slab of St. Louis ribs were dry rubbed but nice and tender on the inside. These ribs are smoked in house and are served with slow baked beans and coleslaw ($11.69).

animal kingdom flame tree barbecue

I ordered the Smoked Chicken Salad ($9.19), which is served with freshly smoked chicken, mixed greens, carrots, pinto and garbanzo beans, tortilla chips and corn tossed in house-made balsamic vinaigrette and drizzled with Chipotle ranch.

animal kingdom flame tree barbecue

I enjoyed this salad, it was very hearty and filling. All the items gave the salad great crunch and the chicken was perfectly smoked. I loved the addition of the ranch to punch up the flavours.


They also gave us a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie, just for being there at that time – so cool! It was nice and warm still, chewy and chocolatey.

animal kingdom flame tree barbecue

We also ordered drinks, they do not give you lids here and give you paper straws as they are better for the birds and animals that are walking about while you eat. I love how they’re Halloween themed too!

We also had impeccable timing, as the parade was about to start and from the seating area, you can definitely catch a glance of the parade!

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