I got the wonderful opportunity to go to the Kitsilano DishCrawl. The Dishcrawl allows you to try four different restaurants in Kitsilano! See more details here.

The first joint we hit up was Tractor Foods.

It had a really good ambiance about it, and the staff were really friendly!


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Their salads are really delicious! We had a kale salad with granny smith apple with radicchio. It was crispy, with a sour bite from the apple. Yum!4 5

We had the option of Lean Turkey Chili with coriander and sour cream, or curried butternut squash soup with yogurt and green onion. I had the curried butternut squash soup. It wasn’t too heavy or flavorful, but it that does not mean it wasn’t delicious. It is definitely a good bowl of comfort food.


We had these wonderful cookies, double chocolate and pistachio cookies! They ran out quickly, so unfortunately some patrons near me didn’t receive any. They were moist and dense. I am a fan of Laura’s Vegan Cookies at Whole Foods, and these remind me of them, except a little more on the sweet side. They are fantastic.

I give Tractor 4/5!



The second place we hit up was Vibes, a BBQ + Sushi place in Kits. Apparently, according to our guide, it is the only BBQ place in Kitsilano.

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The sushi was really delicious. I give them that. For the BBQ section, I’m not so sure. I liked the meats they served us, they were flavorful but I’d have to come back and try a full round at it. The only thing is I am a fan of Richmond and other dives, so I can say I’ve had better + better price.

I used to live on Mackenzie and 16th, so when I think about it, this is probably one of the few BBQ places within a stone throw if you don’t have a car. I’d give this place a 3.5/5.


The 3rd place I went to was August Jack. This is actually kinda strokes a sensitive string inside of me. This used to be Room Eighteen, which I frequented a lot during my time at Emily Carr University. They had cheap beer on Thursday and Sunday. It was just kinda sad coming here and seeing it changed into something else. That does not reflect poorly on August Jack though. Just funny to me to see things change after you’ve been graduated two years… I secretly hoped Room Eighteen upgraded, but I’m not so sure.


I had some Chimney Blue Cap trappist beer. It got me right around drunk. It was surprising how quick it worked on me! It was smooth and thick, almost warm and bready. I’m not so sure what this french fry thing was, as it was just put infront of me. It seemed to be drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette and green, grainy sauce with the consistency of mayonaise. This mystery food was really quite delicious. Though I was a fan of Room Eighteen, August Jack has much better food.12

They served us popcorn… Either I wasn’t listening or again, this wasn’t mentioned to me what it was. I assumed it had some flaky cheese and herb seasoning on it. I kept eating this by the handful, the seasoning was good. Not too salty, and more about the flavours themselves – this dish was perfect to help me stabilize my increasing state of tipsy. 13

This was really good. I again, really wish I knew what it was. They seemed to skip telling me and probably the person next to me, but it’s hard to hear because everyone’s chatting. Sad. It’s some sort of sticky rice with balsamic vinegar. I wish I had a whole bowl, it almost had a mushroom flavor to it.

I give August Jack a 4/5!



We went to O5 Tea Bar, which I reviewed in the past with Adrian.

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We had pumpkin spice cheesecake with ginger snap crumble, candied ginger rolled in raw cane and dark chocolate, and candied hibiscus flower sprinkled with rich white chocolate flakes.


They served us the desserts with hibiscus tea. I actually liked the tea the best out of what they served us. It wasn’t too acidic and very smooth for an herbal tea. I will have to come back and have a cup.


My only wish is that they served us more tea! But otherwise, I rank O5 at 4/5.

Thanks again Dishcrawl! It was a great event and I got to meet lots of interesting foodies, bloggers and couples who came out to dine!