The battle begins between Toronto and Vancouver with the Power of 2. The Power of 2 is an initiative to raise funds towards the two cities’ respective food banks (Toronto’s Daily Bread and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank) to work towards ending hunger in our communities.

The benefits? The food banks will receive monetary support, participating cities get to show off their pride and everyone who supports the campaign is entered in a draw to win a ‘5-Star Saturday’ in their city.

“Our community is extremely supportive and we look forward to the positive impact that the Power of 2 will have on the overall health of our community.” says Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Currently, Toronto is in the lead with just $155 more than Vancouver! There are 11 days left to support this great cause.

Learn more about Power of 2 and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Power Of 2 – Toronto from Power of 2 on Vimeo.