I’m still in amazement how cheap this place is. As most people who’ve travelled to Disney World know, you’re looking to pay an arm and a leg when it comes to food in the theme parks, so venture outside if you want to save some money.


Steak n’Shake is a diner that was located right next to our hotel, so we just had to try it out. Plus they are open 24 hours a day and we didn’t arrive until almost midnight from our first day of theme park exploring.

We sat down and it was packed – I guess we weren’t the only ones hungry after the park closed. Their burgers range from $4-5, most with double steak patties and includes fries. Their milkshakes are $3-4 depending on the type you get and their sides range from $2-4.


I ordered the Three Pepper Burger – it’s served with mozza cheese, spicy sauce and jalapeno and sweet banana peppers (and possibly another one, I just don’t remember off the top of my head). The burger is served with skinny fries, which is nice, as they’re a bit more crunchier than the regular fries you get anywhere else.


I ordered a chocolate milkshake, it was hand scooped and made with real ice cream. The milkshake was delicious and everything a milkshake should be – creamy, sweet and blended well. However, portions are massive so I was sad to not finish my milkshake.


I also ordered a side of onion rings ($2) – not so bad. Not so great either.


Brian ordered the Strawberry Milkshake, delicious but very filling. It’s best to share these milkshakes.


This is Brian’s burger, not entirely sure what he had – I think it was a Chipotle Burger, but I can’t find it on their menu.

This is no fine dining, but for an affordable, late night meal it’s much more satisfying than your typical fast food joint nearby. The servers are nice and our food came out pretty quickly.

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OVERALL: 2andahalfforks

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