During our trip, we had to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s very
similar to California Adventure, but has its own unique charm.


For (a late) lunch, we decided to try Prime Time- a 50s themed family
dinner restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with items from
yesteryear and, if you’re dining with at least 4 people, you’ll get a
corner that resembles a dinner table from the 50s/60s, complete with a
black and white tv.



The waitresses are in traditional waitress garbs and are friendly but
some are fun and sassy. The food is what you would expect from a diner
or an American family dinner- fried chicken, pot roast and a lot of
other items. The price though does not reflect 50s prices- it’s Disney
after all. Most entrees range from $19-25. The portion size seems fair
for the pricing.


Brian ordered Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie ($18.99). He enjoyed his meal- the
chicken pieces were large and juicy, there was a good amount of
vegetables, the sauce was nice and creamy and the puff pastry had a
nice flaky, buttery taste.



I ordered the Cousin Ryan’s Vegetarian Lasagna ($17.99), which had layers of zucchini, roasted mushroom, soy protein, ricotta and mozza cheese served with marinara and topped with crispy multigrain pasta. The ricotta really gave this dish depth and heaviness to make it a very fulfilling meal.


I wasnt expecting a lot from this dish and I was quite surprised with
the quality at Prime Time (for my dish at least). There was just
enough Marinara and the sauce was tasty, slightly sweet. A great touch
was the whole wheat pasta that is sprinkled on the top to give this
dish a bit of a crunch.

Brian and I also ordered Cherry Coke- which is Coca Cola with Cherry
flavouring. I thought the Cherry was too sweet and our waitress was
nice enough to change it for me.


I would most likely eat here again if I was at Hollywood Studios, this was probably one of the best restaurants in the park. Also, I love themed dining, so there is always that!

Food: mini3andahalfforks

Service: mini4andahalfforks




Check out the menu here.

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