Ali Shan is a small, Taiwanese place located on the outskirts of Crystal Mall. Yep, the dreaded Crystal Mall and it’s parking lot. Even though I wasn’t the one driving that evening, I was getting frustrated by the obvious waste of space in certain parts of the parking lot. And let’s not begin with the ‘it takes me ten minutes to back in’ drivers.


Ali Shan is like any typical Taiwanese cafe where they serve an assortment of food ranging from pork chops, salty peppery chickens, hot pots and so on. They have bubble tea and snacks as well. Every dish comes with a cold green tea or a hot cup of tea.


I decided to go with the Bibimbap, which I feel like you can never go wrong with anywhere. We were a big party (seven) but we all ordered at the same time and every dish, except for mine came out around the same time. At first, I figured it was because my dish was a hot stone bowl, so it would take a little more time. But as everyone was almost finishing up, my dish had not arrived yet. One of our friends waved them over and asked them where my dish was and the server apologized and said it was on it’s way. I waited for about maybe 5-10 minutes more, the server brought my food and apologized again for the delay.


This huge dish contained all the right elements of Bibimbap and was delicious. Perhaps that was the hunger talking, but when it’s all mixed up, it could rival most other bibimbaps I’ve had previously. The portion size is fairly big, so expect some leftovers to snack on later!

Food: mini3forks

(Based on my experience due to the speed of delivery on my food)

On par with most other Taiwanese places

Ambiance: mini2forks

OVERALL: 2andahalfforks

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