Cache Bistro is located across Rodney’s Oysters in Yaletown. This little bistro is known for its brunch and French cuisine. I was invited by the owners at Cache for a menu tasting.

Please note that my meal was paid for by the restaurant but all opinions are my own.

cache dinner-49

We started off with the Chef’s Charcuterie Board ($9)- all the meats are from Oyama Sausage in Granville Island, so that’s always a plus! Charcuterie boards are a big thing in the city and I love them. I love the idea of grazing while chatting with friends rather than trying to eat a messy meal.

cache dinner-17

Up next was the Beet Salad ($12). The Beet Salad is roasted mixed beats with pickled fennel, field greens and crispy goat cheese. I have to admit I am definitely not that big a beet fan, but this is actually quite enjoyable. It’s tossed with a creamy, white balsamic dressing.

cache dinner-18

Our next dish is the Deboned Quail ($22), which consists of a quail that they debone right in house wrapped in bacon with cranberry and brioche stuffing inside. It’s served with maple bacon brussel sprout and layers of delicious scallop sweet potato. If brussel sprouts were always made this delicious, I think I would’ve enjoyed it during my childhood more. Not necessarily the most healthiest choice, but better than playing them like drumsticks during Thanksgiving!

cache dinner-08

We were then served a ‘tasting’ portion of Chef Alex’s Mok Ribs ($26). Normally served as a full rack of pork back ribs, this great dish is complimented with sesame cilantro red cabbage coleslaw and truffled mash (currently corn bread for the autumn). The ribs are tender and fall of the bone easy. The sauce is nice with a slightly sweet taste to it.

cache dinner-56

Finally for dessert, we are presented with this cute tasting rendition of their Profiteroles de l’amour and the Dark Chocolate Mousse Tree. If there is something that makes me think of Cache, it would definitely be their desserts. What other restaurant in Vancouver has blue cheese cake? Seriously, it’s a must try. I’m not a big fan of blue cheese, but this is amazing.

cache dinner-42

Check out the Cache Menus here.

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