I feel like I’ve mistakenly misjudged this French pastry shop. I think my first experience with Faubourg in Kerrisdale was probably not true to it’s form (I had their sandwiches, and I wasn’t that impressed by them). Thankfully, they’ve opened up a more convenient shop in Downtown and I wanted to give it another go.



Their newest location downtown is right across the Art Gallery. It’s bright, clean shop is complimented with it’s cool metallic fixtures and seating area. They even have a nice patio that can be enjoyed during the summer months.



What I really enjoyed about my experience here is their Pain au Chocolat. This crispy but buttery and flakey treat has just enough chocolate to make this the most heavenly pastry I have ever tasted.


I’m so obsessed with it, it’s the first thing I ask when I enter the cafe.


I also ordered the Chausson aux Pommes – this amazing puff pastry filled with spiced apple compote and cinnamon. This crispy and slightly sweet pastry was thoroughly enjoyed by my husband.


Within the same week, I came here again with Amy from Food Queen. We ordered some small treats for ourselves and they were delicious and decadent.


They also serve coffee and specialty teas here. You can ask them for a drink card, which, if you have an unnatural obsession with Faubourg like myself, may come in handy some day.

Food: mini5forks
(Just go for the desserts and pastries, skip the sandwiches)

Service: mini4andahalfforks
Great service every time I go.

Value: mini3andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini4andahalfforks

OVERALL: 4andahalfforks

Visit their website here.

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