Last week, I was invited to check out Jack Daniel’s Special Edition Frank Sinatra Whiskey that recently launched here in Canada.

IMG_6600 Being a big fan of the iconic Frank Sinatra, it was easy to say yes to attend this great event held at the Clough Club.




Whilst mingling, we had some things to nosh on as well as some great whiskey cocktails to enjoy including the Gentleman’s Sour and Jack and Coke.




The taste of this particular whiskey is full of oak and spice notes with a beautiful vanilla finish. Frank Sinatra was known for his charm, attire and the fact he was rarely seen without his Jack Daniels. His favourite way to enjoy Jack? Three-four ice cubs, two fingers of Jack Daniel’s, the rest is water on the rocks.



I hope one day I can enjoy a whiskey (probably not as frequently as Old Blue Eyes) as much as he did!


You can now purchase Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select at private liquor stores across Vancouver (it retails for $169), a great present for a Sinatra or Whiskey fan!

For more information on Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, check out their website here.

All photography done by Nathalie de los Santos.