I was feeling a little guilty that I’ve never tried out this deli until recently – I grew up in the area. But I’ve never really had a reason to go this way until recently when I had to pick up something nearby. At the deli, you can pick up meats, cheeses and even some dessert items. The deli is narrow with some seats (booths and tables) but probably no more than 40 seats (?).

Their menu has an assortment of soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Today I tried Bubbie’s Delight and Our Famous Mega.


Bubbie’s Delight ($14.95) is packed with corned beef, swiss cheese, coleslaw and thousand island dressing. The corned beef is moist and layered between the swiss which makes for a nice, creamy taste. I love the crunch and slight tang to the coleslaw on the bottom. I was impressed with the fact that the sandwich wasn’t soggy or falling apart from all the ingredients in it.

SONY DSCOur Famous Mega ($14.95) is corned beef, pastrami and swiss cheese. The amount of meat packed into this sandwich is ridiculous. I love that they place the swiss between the meats, they make for a nice creamy divider. All the sandwiches come with pickles. While on the pricey side, if you get the smaller sandwiches (5oz) they round out at about $10. It’s worth a try, purely for the amount of meat that goes into it.


Service: mini4andahalfforks

Value: mini2andahalfforks


OVERALL: 3andahalfforks
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