For a quick snack, Brian and I decided to check out La Cantina de San Angel in Epcot. What lured me to this particular spot? My craving for churros. We ordered them, but noticed they were called churritos, so I assumed they’d be a smaller version, which was fine as we weren’t that hungry.

However when it arrived, it looked like this.


This is probably the worst thing I ate Disney during the entire trip. It was such a let down, it looked like calamari and was so chewy and flavourless, I really wanted to return it. Somehow though, I doubt they’d refund me. We paid almost $5 for this and this was definitely not what we were expecting.


The only ray of light during this terrible experience is the Mango Jarritos, not entirely sure you can get them in Vancouver – although I have seen Jarritos being served at Mexican places. But this was delicious and was served in a plastic bottle.

Food: 0

Service: mini3forks

Value: 0

They have a nice view of the lake, so there’s that.

OVERALL: 1fork

Check out their menu here.

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