Looking for some food related gifts that are inexpensive for the food lover in your life? Here are some suggestions I’ve picked up over this year that are local and delicious!

Pella’s Gourmet – Cilantro Chutney$5

(Photo Credit: Pella’s Gourmet Website)

Mostly found at the Farmers Market, Pella’s Gourmet Chutney and other products are a great stocking stuffer or secret santa present for the gourmet in your group.

49th Parallel Roasters – Holiday Celebration Espresso – $20
There are so many people in the world who are addicted to coffee – and if you’re going to be addicted to it, it might as well be on the real good stuff. You can never go wrong with 49th Parallel Roasters, they make the perfect apres holiday dinner drink or to perk you up for some Christmas shopping.

To Die For Lemon Loaf

(Photo Credit: Erin Ireland’s To Die For Website)

Erin Ireland’s latest creation is her To Die For Lemon Loaf. It’s made with organic coconut, millet, coconut milk and lemons. Need I say more? This delicious loaf is available in a lot of fine establishments.

Granville Island Lions Winter Ale – $12+

(Photo Credit: Granville Island Brewery Website)

Like Santa, this beer only comes once a year. I say take advantage of it as much as possible during the season (responsibly of course!).

Blasted Church Wines – OMG ($27) & Pinot Gris ($20.50)

I had a sip of their OMG and I was hooked. It is going to be my Go-To Bubbly this year! They have other great wines including their Pinot Gris (which I’m a big fan of) and also their Cabernet Sauvignon which is fantastic.

Sumac Ridge – Stellers Jay Brut – $22.49
Speaking of more bubbly, I really enjoy this bubbly as well, I’ve picked one up for New Years!

SnackBox – $24+
I don’t know about you, but I love getting boxes in the mail. SnackBox provide a variety of snacks to your door every month (or once, your choice). Imagine how happy you’d be to come home to a box full of delicious snacks after a hard day of work once a month!

Also, try these wonderful bakeries and patisseries for sweet treats:

Chez Christophe -Macarons and pastries…you can’t go wrong here. $4+

Beaucoup Bakery – Can you believe I haven’t been yet?? Please someone take me on a field trip there soon!

Ganache – phenomenal cakes, my favourite is their Opera a la Noisette (dark chocolate ganache with hazelnut biscuit and praline!) – $7+

Goldilocks – Filipino treats are always a delight. Ube Roll Cake is always a festive colour or give boat tarts, Polvoron, Ensaymada and more! – $2+