I had the pleasure of coming to the Unit/Pitt book launch of “This East Van Kitchen”.  This is Kim Mulder, serving up some delicious tortilla soup. The soup is what got me to buy their cookbook in the end. I love tortilla soup. Her version is also vegan, which you can add non-vegan things to (sour cream, cheese, etc). I loved it vegan and non vegan. I am super stoked to be able to make this for my vegan friends, as I am a terrible cook when it comes to vegan food. I am also excited to make this for myself as the season is getting colder.


Their Thai noodle salad was also really tasty. It wasn’t too heavy on the palate, the noodles and vegetables were marinated and moist in its sauce. The vegetables were a hearty crunch and I would love to eat these everday, as it probably gives you a great serving of the veggies you need.IMG_7037 IMG_7038

This mango black bean salad is also really great with some naan bread. It seems simple enough to make as well. I love things like mango curries, so this is a good lighter on the stomach option for me.


Here are some lovely finger food and dessert they offered us!

IMG_7042 IMG_7045 IMG_7048

Here is Kennedy Telford! He is the other author of the book as well. He’s really funny! Kim and Kennedy were both really interesting and friendly people. I stayed for a good bit chatting.

I have the cookbook and will definitely make these meals and post them online. They are still setting up orders for the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to make a simple (and more complex for some recipes), healthy meal that will fill you up and is just not leafy greens. It’s a mixture of everything wonderful of the vegetable kingdom, I swear.

Please check out their page to see when their cookbook comes available.