unnamed (1)So I actually had this Friday night and totally forgot I went! I go to Fritz late night, to get my greasy fix. It’s not too expensive and a lot better than throwing your money at McDonalds when you’ve had a couple drinks. I love getting a small Fritz (just fries) and nibbling off friends’ poutine.

To be fair, the quality is either hit or miss here. They’re either ridiculously good, or rather plain tasting fries. To ensure quality, you can choose from a number of their dips. I got curry ketchup, which wasn’t made in the usual style I’m used to. It reminds me more of a plum sauce and curry than curry ketchup. I’m much more of a fan of the poutine if I can handle the guilt.

I would give them a 3.5/5! Good for a quick late night snack that won’t cost you very much ($3-6). I just wish there was just more consistency, although I do keep coming back… Must mean I like em!

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