Nestled in the chic Coal Harbour neighbourhood is Giovane Cafe and Winebar. I was lucky enough to be invited on behalf of Gastrofork and I couldn’t be more excited. I didn’t know what to expect but considering it’s at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, it had to be top notch.



The very first thing that caught my eye was the wonderful spread lined with a variety of meats and cheeses that was put together by the Fairmont themselves.




It was especially hard to ignore considering it was the biggest display of the evening.

Right beside it was Domenica Fiore, a line of premium organic extra virgin olive oils. Awarded the Best Olive Oil in the World at the New York International Competition in 2013, Domenica Fiore Olive Oils are bottled in stainless steel which preserves their taste.



Also featured were the tomatoes from Village Farms, a local company that’s also environmentally sustainable.


One of my favourite Vancouver foodies was also there to promote her To Die For Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf.



If you don’t know what the To Die For line is, I’m judging you. Deliciously lemon-y with lots of organic coconut components, I always enjoy having a slice (or three). Unfortunately I am unable to eat chocolate but I’m sure the Banana Bread would taste just as great.

A cheese station was also set up by the Golden Ears Cheesecrafters. Cheese pros Emma and Jenna ran the show and had us sample their handmade artisan cheese.



Bruschetta station. Ingredients were taken from each supplier present in the event.

But perhaps my favourite station that evening was the Beta 5 Chocolate station



Winner of several chocolate awards, Beta 5 boldly explore flavours and incorporate it with their chocolates. The result is an interestingly exquisite experience. I have to admit, I went back to this station several times!

Thank you to Giovane Cafe for having us at your event! Visit Giovane Cafe and Winebar’s website here!

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