After a few hours of Christmas shopping in Gastown, Josh and I were looking for a mighty fine pho or ramen place. Or sushi. We stumbled across Kim House Japanese Bistro, from the outside kinda looks like small dive, but as you get closer, it’s actually really clean and nice inside.IMG_6929

Josh is my future roommate, fun-times pal that used to work with me at Electronic Arts. How I can briefly describe him is we share random facts with each other. For instance, during dinner he told me he found a recipe on how to make udon noodles, which requires you to stomp on them for 30 minutes. Needless to say, he likes cooking. Gaming. Reddit. All the sorts!  He took me to a Scottish candy place to pick up stuff for his relatives. The House of McLaren is in Gastown and it has some awesome candy… like dark chocolate covered caramel wafers, canned shandy and fruit candies.IMG_6931

This was our fancy feast. I actually quite like this place, it’s homey and fairly decently priced for being in Downtown. I ordered hokkigai and chicken noodle soup. Josh got himself the Bistro Box, which looked amazing! He got sunomono (I love saying that word outloud) salad and gave me his miso soup. I hear miso soup is the college food of Japanese people because it’s so easy to make. I may make miso lots when I live out on my own, because sometimes I need something easy and comforting to make and that seems like miso.IMG_6932Looks so good!! He ended up giving me pieces because he had so much!


This is my favorite sashimi. I don’t eat lots of sashimi like tuna or salmon, but I can eat lots of these. They were fairly fresh here, and I would have ordered more if we had time to.IMG_6934

The chicken pho was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was very comforting. Josh couldn’t finish his bistro box so I ate a couple pieces off of him. When Josh was paying, the lady gave us mini tangerines!

I like the atmosphere here, super chill and home-like. I know you all are foodies, so comparing it to some high end, state of the art place it can’t rank the full 5. But I’d still give it 4/5.