I wandered around at lunch, trying to gain some bearings of where to eat near my new job. I used the food truck website to locate my next spot, Patisserie Lebeau Belgian Waffles. It is right outside the Christmas Market and CBC (West Georgia and Cambie). When I arrived, four gentlemen arrived. Three of them seemed local and one with a heavy German accent. The German man exclaimed he was happy to see them back, and asked them why they had been away for a while. He was super excited to get a bratwurst sausage.


I travelled to Germany earlier this year. I used to eat bratwurst and currywurst over there, as it was a cheap item to get while travelling. I ordered a bratwurst sausage sandwich and the man said it came with a free waffle! Oh boy, I got a dark chocolate waffle as well. A waffle and bratwurst sausage for $9? I wonder if the Christmas Market has to compete with them… maybe vice versa. Who knows. It was really good!


The bratwurst had caramelized onions on top. The bread was super good, a nice sweet undertone, crispy and doughy. The sausage wasn’t too salty or greasy as well, just a nicely grilled bratwurst that made me want every bite. They put a right amount of onions none were falling off and they weren’t too sweet that I had to take them off.


The waffle I didn’t finish though … The sandwich was quite big. The waffle wasn’t too sweet either, presumably because I got dark chocolate. I don’t fancy sugary things, so this was perfect for me. It wasn’t fluffy because being dipped in the chocolate gave the waffle a good bite. I had it with a good cup of coffee at my desk, but only finished half.

I will be back for more! 5/5

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