unnamed (2)Argh! I’m stuck at work tonight, but thankfully I have some of my Choconut Oolong from DavidsTea. This tea is dark chocolate oolong with a hint of hazelnut. It actually doesn’t taste too chocolately, as the hazelnut and oolong give it a more earthy taste. The richness and sweetness of the chocolate is subtle. I love giving this tea a nice long 5-6minute steep and adding milk. Though I have a Royal Dansk cookie displayed, this tea is actually really good with a coffee cake/mocha cake.

I originally wanted to do a video series for this, but it’ll have to wait for next Tuesday. So, this is my combination tonight:

Choconut Oolong + Royal Dansk Cookie + The Black Jack Chronicles by Osamu Tezuka.

Did you know a theory is that Oolong used to be called black dragon tea? It’s plant, Camellia sinensis, produces both black and green tea. Like green tea, oolong tea contains plant polyphenols that can aid in weight loss.

I gotta get back to work but I will be a-teaing next Tuesday.