It was extremely difficult to choose just ten like I originally intended, so …I figured I’d expand it to the top 22 places I’ve ate in 2013 (because who needs whole rounded up numbers, right?!)


I had a really great year in eats but these ones topped my list -you’ll find good eats on a budget to fancy, special places! In no particular order, here they are:

1. Flying Pig

Their food is always on point and delicious. It’s a perfect place for dinner to catch up and share with friends. One of my favourite dishes was their caesar salad with pork belly croutons. Nom!

2. Chewies

Southern Fried Chicken. The best in Vancouver. Not only that, they have Buck-a-Shuck between 4-6pm and their new Coal Harbour location makes it super convenient for me to enjoy!

3. Mosaic

Chef Thomas Heinrich is a masterful maestro of culinary delights. If I could, I’d bring everyone I know here. There is always something new and delicious cultivating in this kitchen and I feel that Mosaic is severely underrated in Vancouver’s food scene.

4. Chengdu Bistro

Not in the mood to wait in a line on Ramen Row on Denman? Check out Chengdu Bistro, they make very solid Chinese/Szechuan cuisine that is healthier and tastier than most places.

5. Faubourg

A real slice of decadence in the downtown core. Bright lights, chandeliers and delectable French pastries and desserts make this cafe the perfect place to break after shopping without the enormous price tag of going for high tea.

6. Dae Ji

This little hole in the wall makes a mean pork cutlet. For under $10 you are going to be sufficiently stuffed with some crispy cutlet covered in delicious gravy and served with some great Korean salads.

7. Pho Tan

Pho Bo Satay is the main draw to this Vietnamese restaurant on Main street. It’s pho made with peanut sauce and coconut milk broth along with satay beef. Definitely give it a try!

8. Tamarind Hill

I love Malaysian food, I didn’t in the past but I’ve grown to love it within the last couple of years. Tamarind Hill has got to be the benchmark of delicious Malaysian food in Vancouver.

9. East Van Roasters

Asides from it’s delicious drinking chocolate, coffee, hand rolled truffles and pastries – East Van Roasters is a non profit that employs women living in the Ranier Hotel. Great cause, great place.

10. House of Dosas

Go for dosas, stay for Chicken 65. Not only is House of Dosas open late, it is so much fun eating a dosa. They are these ridiculously huge crispy crepe-type thing that you eat with it’s filling inside.

11. Kishimoto

Not only is the sushi delicious, it is downright beautiful. The menu is extensive and there is surely something to please everyone from the adventurous to the nervous first timers. Come early or expect at least an hour wait every day.

12. Nero Belgian Waffle

By far the best waffles in town, desserts will never be the same. Stacked gloriously high with whipped cream, sauces and fruits – they are a delight!

13. Marutama

There are so many delicious ramen places in Vancouver, its almost not fair that we are so lucky to have them all! Marutama is the latest to join this delicious list, a lighter broth served with the best eggs in town gives this hard boiled egg disliker a reason to order two.

14. ShuRaku

As far as izakayas go in Vancouver, we are in no short supply. ShuRaku is central and offers a great Sake menu and delicious Japanese styled tapas to go with it. It’s also the perfect place to people watch on a summer day!

15. Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is your typical dive serving authentic Cambodian and Vietnamese dishes. This is by far my favourite place I’ve ever ordered Beef Luc Lac. Their chicken wings are their claim to fame – served with a nice peppery lemony sauce that really makes it the best. And don’t forget their Butter Beef!

16. Suika

Suika has surprised me this year with it’s good eats. I feel like when you visit an izakaya for the first time, it’s best to take an expert with you (or do your research!). You can order the best things with the right research or you may have an average experience. Try their ox-tail ramen, hellz chicken and pressed sushi!

17. Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen

The healthiest and tastiest Indian food I’ve had in a long time resides on Commercial Drive. Chef Siddhartha serves up the best butter chicken I’ve had in ages.

18. Miku

I love Miku! I wish I had a chance to come here more often, but Brian and I like to save it for special events! By far the best fish on rice in the city, there are so many creative rolls to try and cuts of fish to go “mmmmmmm…” to. My favourite and the city’s fave? The Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi. Lightly seared pressed sushi with a layer of salmon, rice and fish with a bit of jalapeño on top. I have died and gone to sushi heaven.

19. Little Mountain Coffee Company

I feel like this place is completely underrated. The coffees here are amazing but I always try to stick to my favourite – Caramel Macchiato. Out of all the places I’ve enjoyed the C-Mac, this is my favourite. What I absolutely love most of this place? The fact that there is no charge on almond milk (which by the way, is a great alternative to regular milk or soy!)

20. Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

You know the saying that you eat with your eyes too? Finch’s Tea and Coffee House definitely embodies that saying. Their sandwiches and salads are delightful to the tastebuds as well as the eyes.

So I have two more that are not from Vancouver, but are a big must and have claimed parts of my heart (probably in more ways than one):

21. Pine State Biscuits

Portland, your food scene is beyond words. I am envious and wish I could eat in Portland for an entire month (or more). Pine State Biscuits is one of those places that would be on my daily to-eat list in Portland. The Reggie may be simple as fried chicken, bacon, cheese topped with gravy on biscuits…but seriously, it is a delight. I could turn to my husband and go, “Pine State Biscuits?” and he would be game for a 7 hour drive for one of these bodacious bettys.

22. Whiskey Soda Lounge

Whichever way you slice it, PokPok or it’s other sister restaurants (including Whiskey Soda Lounge) is the best Thai I’ve had ever. The big draw is Ike’s Fish Sauce Wings and I dare anyone to find a better wings place than here. It is so masterfully balanced – hotness, sweetness and sour, my tastebuds were bursting with tears of joy.

What were your favourite eats this year? Let me know in the comments so I can start making my list for 2014!