Australia Day at the Waterfall Building

Nathalie and I recently attended Australia Day, celebrating the delicious eats and drinks that Australia has to offer.


Chef John Placko put together this great tasting menu and wine pairings that represent different regions of Australia.

At the Victoria station were White Stripe Lamb seasoned with forest berry and Murray River salt flakes, minted cucumbers and beet root. Also, the vegetarian option which is the Butternut squash flan, goat cheese, hazelnut snow and beet powder.



At the New South Wales section, sous vide prawns with caramelized onion sponge, toasted macadamia crumbs and dill fluid gel was being served. This was one of my favourites of the evening.

004 South Australia was represented with mini kangaroo and pepper berry sliders with native quandong peach relish. If kangaroos tasted this good on a daily basis, I might accidentally wipe out a good portion of the population! According to Chef Tannis Ninja (@ChefTannis on Twitter) you can buy kangaroo meat and ostrich meat at Jacksons Market on 4th!  I was curious where you could pick up kangaroo meat!


We went onto the Outback (Western, Northern and Tasmania) where we were offered Liquid nitrogen made wattle seed ice cream served with Anzac cookie crumbs and Australian honey foam. It was marvellous

005 We also had a chance to experience King Island Black label wax cheddar with pickled apple, served with Australian Crackerthins and dried fruit paste.


Chef John Placko also introduced us to the “Tim Tam Slam” which is basically biting opposite ends of the tim tam and slurping your coffee through it. It’s a delicious and messy affair, but worth it!


I’d like to thank Tourism Australia and Chef John Placko for the amazing evening of good eats, fabulous wine and a good time learning about what Australia has to offer! It definitely is on my bucket list of places to go, I hope I can make this happen sooner than later!

All photography done by Nathalie de los Santos (who, by the way is available for hire!)


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