Today is Carmen’s last day at work! We decided to celebrate at Back Forty. A couple coworkers were commenting that the fried chicken here is really, really good! I had to try it, so that is what I ordered along with a house salad.


As you might know from my previous posts, I had food poisoning going into the new year. This would be my first meal after the storm, and it was glorious.IMG_7323

It was so soft, tender and juicy. It didn’t have a bone inside, so I could tear it apart. Even though it says it’s in a bucket, it’s only three or four pieces but they’re big enough to fill you up, but not big enough to make you sick. I ended up only really eating one because of my stomach, but my coworkers happily enjoyed the chicken– actually, they were excited to share with me! Haha!


The gravy IS SO GOOD. If I wasn’t coming down from being ill, I would have slathered it all over my chicken and ordered fries and slathered it on it too. I didn’t end up eating much of the gravy or the salad, despite it being very good. The salad was simple and delicious.


My friend Ephraim had mac and cheese with fries. It was really cheesy and good. I noticed most people who ordered this (I believe you can get it with pulled pork too) did not finish. It must be super rich. I had a tiny piece and it was so creamy – but I couldn’t have any more, save for my condition.


They had a salmon burger on special. Look at how massive this is!

IMG_7328Yum! I wish I could have it.

Maybe I’m a little too exuberant because I haven’t eaten in a while. I should check this place out for dinner, and see how the service is too. But the service was really good at lunch and so was the food. It’s definitely a place I’d bring pals for a drink, dinner and good times with.

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