I was on my way back from a meeting and Nat was just going on break, so we decided to have lunch together. We wanted to try something different near her office, so I suggested we check out the mini food court at H Mart.

I ordered a Bibimbap at E-Mo Noodle (none of the servers were emo however, but quite friendly!). It came with some soup and kimchi. The soup is a nice apertif to start the meal and the kimchi gives it a nice kick. I added the kimchi directly into my bibimbap. My bibimbap wasn’t too bad, but I wish they had used beef slices rather than ground up beef. I feel like I needed more taste to this dish, maybe just some heat to it – which the kimchi helped with.



If you’re looking for a cheap and quick meal down Robson, this is a good place to go. This food court is definitely of the ‘fast food’ quality. There are other items that looked delicious that I will definitely try next time I’m there (deep fried vermicelli rolls wrapped in seaweed is one of them!).

Food: mini2andahalfforks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini3forks

Ambiance: n/a

OVERALL:  2andahalfforks

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