“We all sometimes experience a little voice in our heads guiding our actions. For individuals with an eating disorder, that voice can be loud, insistent and overpowering.” National Eating Disorder Awareness Week starts this Sunday, February 2 – 8. It’s important to remember the fine line between body image and happiness. The two words aren’t exactly the best friends.

My challenge to you is to make someone feel beautiful that week. Not by saying “you’re pretty” but give someone you love the attention they so very need, whether it’s going on a bike ride with them, starting a good conversation or even yelling at the screen together for the Super Bowl, Mario Wii-U or whatever it is you do together!

“I’m not pretty. I’m not Beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” – Katniss Everdeen

Also, my friend Sitji Chou worked on this project. I hope Shane’s words can get someone through any sort of bullying they are going through, whether it’s body related or not.

Week #1

I did nothing but OT this week. It’s been a blur. To be honest, the last thing I want to do is go into a gym after 12 hours of work per day. The weather has been really good in Vancouver, so this was to my advantage.

In the morning, I would walk around Pacific in Yaletown to get to work. My route to work entails Metro-newspaper people who seem to know me now, nodding knowing I won’t take a paper. The streets in Yaletown are narrow, so I always have to be mindful of when I slip out of myself and think about stuff as I walk around. During my breaks, I walk along Beatty and hope Back Forty has a new witty comment on their sign. I look for a heroic hobo who apparently returned a wallet to a coworker when he lost it. I overhear the randomest conversations in passing – like teenage girls making fun of each other for not knowing what an advent calender is. I love walks like these, especially when I’m too tired to do anything else.

At the end of a long day, I love listening to music and chatting with friends when I get home. Sometimes if no one’s online, I will turn on salsa music and practice my basic step. I used to take lessons at Dance Vancouver at the Dancey Ballroom a couple months ago. I stopped when I sprained my ankle and somehow fell out going. I am happy to say I am attending tonight again, now that most of my life is together. Patrick and Scarlet are the most patient, wonderful teachers. I have two stone feet and somehow I can still dance with them.

My coworker Ephraim and I were going to try bouldering/climbing at the Hive. He used to go a lot apparently. But since OT took over our souls this week, we weren’t able to go. It looks really fun and not so expensive! I was poking him to go late night after OT, but we both know we’d just be too tired. They are located at 520 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, which isn’t too far from where I am. I like climbing because it’s like solving a puzzle as you exercise, hoping not to make the wrong decision of rock. I’m not terribly strong in my upper body but it’s still an interesting challenge!

Other than that, I’ve discovered Dive Index and listen to them to relax.