I will share my stories every Fridays how I try to live healthier both physically and mentally for 100 days. I’d like to invite all of you to join me using the #GF100Challenge and to tweet @Gastrofork.

I’ve been contemplating on eating healthy and living a much better lifestyle. There are some hesitations I have about healthy living. I hate the fact that so much of it is entangled in body politics and capitalism (see: it’s expensive to eat healthy.). This is why this challenge will begin as of today.


Looking on the internet or common hubs of articles for how to live, exercise or what not can be superficial. Everyone’s bodies are different. What works for one person may not work for another. I just don’t think one person’s voice enough on an authority of how to change your lifestyle habits. There should be more out there than sponsored ads or one body type dominating the healthy-sphere.

I actually really detest the gym. I could walk if I could all over town. I’d like to share with you my favorite spots to walk and what I see there. Do you know where people parkour in Vancouver? You can only really discover odd things like this on foot. I lost 8-10 pounds on my backpacking trip in Europe and didn’t even think of my weight. I love exploring. My way doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you want to be in a competitive sport or something. My way doesn’t even work for myself, when I work 9-5 with a chance of OT. How do I get around it? I love yoga, but I can’t afford it on a consistent basis. How do I get around that?

This isn’t purely physical – it entails the things that get you going, whether meditation or music. Metal pumping on a drive home or a good chat on the phone. The types of food you eat to make you feel less tired.
SONY DSC SONY DSCI  guess my sole question for this challenge is – how do you take care of yourself? Share it!

To help kick off this great challenge, we are giving away tickets to the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show (check out our post on it!) and enter to win tickets below. You will get an extra +5 entries for answering Nathalie’s question above!
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