hotchocoSo much joy. Sandie and I caught over gBars and specialty hot chocolates at Bella Gelateria. She ordered London Foggy and I got the Dark & Dangerous.

I had no idea what a gBar was until I walked in. The Dark and Dangerous comes with a gBar that is mixed with three different chocolates. My hot chocolate was 85% dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate, and I loved this super bitter, non-sweet version of a hot chocolate. My gBar was sweet and so was the To Die For banana bread, so the dark chocolate hot chocolate served to counter my palate. I think it’s a little much for the two treats, but I loved them both equally. I hope they do sell gBars in the future and any chance to eat To Die For banana bread, I’ll take up the opportunity.

I didn’t get to try Sandie’s London Foggy gBar. It has vanilla and earl grey tea in it, which might just be perfect for a Tea Tuesday if I come back in the future.

Not the most mind-blowing hot chocolate I’ve had at the festival, though I did have a more simplistic one on the menu.