Recently, I was invited by SocialShopper to try out Leonidas Waterfront’s deal. The deal on the website says: $12 for two waffles, two hot chocolates and two strawberries covered in chocolate and $30 for everything plus a box of chocolate bars.

We ordered a Boho Secret and Gianduja hot chocolate . You can choose the toppings on your leige waffle, so Nathalie and I both decided on chocolate ganache and fresh fruit.


My hot chocolate was delicious with its chocolately hazelnut taste. It wasnt overly sweet, so it was quite enjoyable.If you’re a fan of Hedgehogs or Nutella, try the Gianduja! I appreciated it’s nice nutty flavour with that hint of chocolate sweetness. It is also beautifully prepared and perfect to sip while catching up with your dining partner.


Nathalie’s Boho Secret is described as a “72% Dark Belgian Chocolate flavoured with peppermint, turmeric, honey and pepper”. Nathalie loved the bold flavours of peppermint and the pepper and also that it was not too sweet either.


Our waffles are delicious, the chocolate drizzle wasnt too overbearing so it was enjoyable. It may look like a lot in the photo, but this dish was easy to eat rather than being too decadent to finish. The strawberries on top were sliced thin, so they cut the chocolate’s thickness but complimented it’s taste as well.


Our chocolate covered strawberries (which, happen to be my favourite things in the world) were so great. The chocolate they were dipped in is premium quality (obviously with the Belgian chocolate) and the strawberries werent too ripe so it was great. I almost wanted to order a couple more!

I had a little bit of an issue when I was at Leonidas – I was told that there was no box of chocolates, but it was later clarified that I would be given some chocolate bars in a box. Also the speciality hot chocolates listed on the website were $1 extra (unless we went with the normal hot chocolates they served). I dont mind paying the extra though since the specialty hot chocolates at Leonidas are worth it.

Overall, I really enjoy Leonidas- their hot chocolates are fantastic and if I’m in the area, I make a habit of dropping by. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the area- and the $12 deal is really good with SocialShopper. Check it out here.

[Disclosure: Please note that I was invited by Social Shopper to try out their Leonidas Waterfront Deal, my deal was comped – but we paid for the extras (gourmet hot chocolate)]