Ephraim and I walked along Pacific in Yaletown, hoping to find some lunch. We were originally going to go to DD Mau, but found Little Saigon instead. It was a pleasant dining experience, with a really friendly staff, clean setup and good food.

It certainly isn’t the best pho I’ve ever had, but they had grateful portions of meat and noodles. I had satay beef pho and Vietnamese iced coffee. The cool part is they give you a little thermos of extra water to dilute the strength of the ice coffee and have more to drink.

The weather was nice and Ephraim talked about work, life and past quirky stories about EA where we used to both work. It was staccato’d by a nice waitress bringing us water and tea, asking us politely if we were doing OK. I’m used to most dive pho places, where customer service isn’t something to harp about but this place had it.

Would come back again. Only thing that kinda gets me is it’s a bit pricier than usual pho. I forgive them because I understand they are in Yaletown.


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