Today, Nathalie and I decided to check out a little cafe right at Cambie and Broadway called Moii Cafe. Nathalie has been here previously and was telling me how awesome it is, but I never had the chance to check it out until now. Nathalie stumbled across a SocialShopper deal for $29.95 which included two crepes and two drinks.

When we arrived, it was pretty packed for a Sunday afternoon. The place is a little small with 25-30 seats and has a lot of charm to it. They have a whole stack of Archie comics to read and some artwork on the wall. The particular table we were sitting at had a journal where you could leave notes or write a story and put it into a box for people to read.



Nathalie ordered the Matcha Milk Tea and Strawberry and Dark Chocolate crepe. The Matcha milk tea was nice and not as sweet as many other bubble tea places (which is a great thing).


Her Strawberry and Dark Chocolate crepe was served with some strawberry pocky which brought back a lot of memories! I loved the crepe because it wasn’t too sweet and you can never go wrong with the strawberry and chocolate combination.


I ordered the Hazelnut Milk Tea with the Caramel Apple Crepe. My hazelnut milk tea was good, lightly tasting hazelnut and not too sweet at all. My coconut jelly made it a little too sweet, so I’ll probably order it without the jelly next time.


My Caramel Apple Crepe was delicious! I don’t remember the last time I had a great crepe, but this one was fantastic. It was made simply with walnuts, caramel and green apples – sweet and tart. I love the simplicity of every crepe made here.

Moii Cafe is open every day from 11 till 5pm and is the perfect place to catch up or get a little work done.

Food: mini4andahalfforks

Service: mini4andahalfforks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini4forks

OVERALL: 4forks

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