So, for more snacks and home cooked meals, I made tamari almonds. San-J sent us some sauces, and one was tamari. It’s gluten free and organic apparently, so I paired it off with some organic almonds. Tamari Almonds are super tasty, somewhat bitter with a lemon zest to it and salty. It’s a great alternative to chips.


So what you do is you bake the almonds on a tray at 350 degrees Celsius for five minutes. In the meantime, make a concoction of 1/4 cup tamari sauce and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. When the almonds are toasty, put this mixture on it in the oven. Wait for the almonds to absorb it all (7 mins) or take it out before it gets too burnt/crispy.

You will have these delicious, moist and salty almonds.IMG_7386

The Tamari Sauce is a gluten free soy sauce that is milder in taste than regular soy but richer as it goes through a natural fermentation process.

You can buy the San-J Tamari Sauce from places like Whole Foods, Choices and Superstore.

San-J is naturally brewed with 100% soy and no wheat, using traditional brewing methods that have been passed down for over 200 years. All of San-J’s gluten free products are certified, kosher and made with all natural ingredients.

For more information, visit San J’s website here.

Please note that we were sent samples for review.