Nathalie and I recently attended the Raise the Macallan event held at the Terminal City Club in downtown. They had three different sittings with about maybe 50-70 people per sitting.


We started the night off with whiskey cocktails made with Fentimans’ Ginger Beer and some light canapés.


We proceeded downstairs to the tasting and learned a little more about whiskey.


Macallan takes great pride in it’s balance and longer lasting flavour, it is a single malt made with only barley, water and yeast (no additives). The speaker said that he felt the wood is 60% of the flavour, the whiskey is aged in 500 litre barrels. Typical whiskey barrels are aged in bourbon barrels, but Macallan makes their own barrels sourcing from American and Spain.


The Macallan Gold was the first whiskey we tried and it was the lightest of all four (we went from left to right). It had a citrus and wood flavour to it.


The Macallan Amber is darker with a caramel/toffee finish that is richer and longer in finish.

The Macallan Sienna was described as floral, woody with hints of coconut and sandalwood and has a long, lingering taste. Of there four, I enjoyed the Sienna the most – and I’m not a big whiskey drinker, so it might be the perfect one for beginners like myself.


The Macallan Ruby was described with the smell of vanilla, spices and some cedar notes and dried apricots. Our speaker said it was best paired with chocolate or creme brûlée.

Macallan also offers their “M” which is their top of the line, rare whiskey – only 7 barrels were made from 1940-1991 (it only costs a smooth $5000!).

For more information on Macallan, check out their website here.