On a cold weekday night a group of friends with whom I haven’t met up with in a long time decided to have a little get together to catch up. Once again, the challenge of where to eat came up and I picked Society mainly because I craved comfort food and it was close to a skytrain station. I’ve been to Society a few times and I’ve never had a bad experience so I figured it was a safe choice.


We weren’t sure if Society was involved in Dine Out Vancouver- but it was! I am not kidding when I say I sat there for a good 15 to 20 minutes trying to pick between the set menu or their regular one. In the end I wasn’t emotionally prepared so I went with something on their normal menu.


One of my friends however was enticed by the $18 Dine Out option so have no fear you WILL get to see what they offer!


She started with the Cajun Popcorn Shrimp and Grits. I got to try a bite of this (yay!) and found the size and texture of the shrimp was nice but the batter was a little heavy. The grits had a similar flavour to mashed potatoes but my friend found it too salty and didn’t finish them. Good thing another person stepped up and helped her out, no food should go wasted!


For the main course- the Buttered Lobster Shepherd’s Pie was picked and doesn’t it look so pretty?! Accompanied by veggie chips and a salad on the side which I didn’t get to try so I can’t give an opinion. I had a bite of the pie though and was surprised at the taste. The insides had a little more sauce than I have tasted in other shepherd pies so it felt more like a chowder than a filling. The mashed potatoes on top had a crunchy texture so with everything combined it felt like a soup with a pastry crust. It wasn’t bad, just not what I imagined. Once again my friend found it a little salty.


For dessert there was only one option, the Old Fashioned Apple & Cheddar Pie. We all felt the crust was really heavy, so if you like your pastries this was satisfying. The apples were a little under seasoned and there wasn’t enough sauce so it didn’t quite fulfill my sweet stomach. The ice cream on the side was quite nice though and at the bottom there was a small waffle cone!

To be honest I like Society but I felt their Dine Out option this year was a bit on the unimpressive side.


My other friends and I ordered from the regular menu, starting with the Chicken Gnocchi Poutine ($17.95). It came with greens on top and cheesy bread on the side. I got to have a bite of this also (what… tasting is a part of my job!) and I must say you can never go wrong with gnocchi. The chicken was nice and tender but my friend wished the gravy had a little more creaminess to it, it was mostly a salty flavour that overpowered everything.


My other friend ordered the Braised Short Rib Hoagie with hand cut fries ($14.95), this time I did not get a chance to try but I did ask for her ideas. She said it was messy to eat but the ribs were soft, flavourful and quite good! I love hand cut fries so while I didn’t get a bite of the sandwich I did manage to have some fries.


And finally, me! One look at the taco pizza ($15.95) and I called dibs on it. Topped with beef, guacamole, tomatoes, corn and those crunchy strips are tortilla chips. I loved my pizza! The toppings were enough that it wasn’t falling off the pizza and the guacamole on top was fresh enough to counter all that doughy comfort goodness. Even though I was full I still finished all of it (with the help of two of my friends)!

Overall I have to say, this wasn’t the best experience I’ve had at Society’s. Their old menu featured a bacon, egg and potatoes pizza and a lobster gnocchi which I LOVED but since they changed their menu I haven’t found anything new to fall in love with ☹. I’m still a fan of their comfort food with an adult taste menu and will come again, but if you ask my opinion of their Dine Out option I have to say it was average. Try their spiked milkshakes next time though I didn’t this round but they are delicious!
You can check out their menu here.
Food: mini3forks
There was good, but there was also bad. I give it 3 for average.

Service: mini2forks
There was a function happening that day so service was slow but on a less crowded day the staff is friendly and fun to talk to! (This might also explain the food quality…)

Value: mini3forks
Since the food evened out averagely I have to say the price is also mediocre.

Ambiance: mini4forks
I enjoy sitting inside and also outside on the heated patio, so I give this a higher mark.

Overall: 3forks
An average visit, I’ll come again and hopefully they will win me back!

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