After an event, a couple of us wanted to grab some dinner. We decided to head down to Tap and Barrel at the waterfront. This evening, I was joined by Diana, Amy, Kirsty, Curtis and Nat.

It was a bit busy when we arrived, I think its because a hockey game was on. There is a smaller (quieter) room where we were seated.

Our server was really nice and entertaining, chatting about some experiences she had as a server and on the other side of the table.


I ordered the Cobb Salad ($19)- served with blackened fraser valley chicken breast, bacon, fresh sliced avocado, tomato, egg, blue claire cheese, creamy draught craft beer dressing. My Cobb Salad was nice with some great ingredients and the blue cheese really highlighted the flavour. I loved that my salad’s chicken was in a heart shape- was it intentional or just a happy accident?



Nathalie ordered Clam Chowder ($10)-local market fresh seafood, tomato fennel cream, fish crackers. To be honest, although this is a starter, it was very small for the price. Other than this, our dishes were good. If you’re going to a place like this, it’s probably best to stick with what they’re known for their burgers and fried pickles!

Food: mini3forks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini2andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 3forks

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