Meant to be the laziest but tastiest meal ever made. For this recipe, I’m using San-J’s Thai Peanut sauce which has most of the spices you need for most recipes on the web for Thai Peanut anything.

-A clove of garlic
-A small onion
-Broccoli or bell peppers
-Green onions
-Chicken Breast
-Egg noodles or vermecelli
-San-J’s Thai Peanut Sauce
-Salt and pepper
Optional: Red pepper


-Cut up the chicken into tiny slivers, and cook in a giant pot with oil. Marinate it with the peanut sauce.

-Cut up all the vegetables and throw them in with the cooking chicken. Add more peanut sauce. If you like spicy, add the red pepper.

-Boil water and cook vermicelli. If you have other noodles, boil them.

-Throw the prepared noodles into the stir fry pot.

-Put gratitious heaps of the San-J peanut sauce, add salt and pepper. Take off heat and add squeezes of the lime.


And eat, eat, eat. This can make a lot if you have lots of noodles!

You can buy San-J’s Thai Peanut Sauce from places like Whole Foods, Choices and Superstore.

San-J is naturally brewed with 100% soy and no wheat, using traditional brewing methods that have been passed down for over 200 years. All of San-J’s gluten free products are certified, kosher and made with all natural ingredients.

For more information, visit San J’s website here.

Please note that we were sent samples for review.