bamboocafeThe Collingwood adventure continues. I hit up Bamboo Cafe across Joyce Station. I remembered coming here long time ago to study and drink coffee. I was resold remembering they served beer/alcohol and food as well.

We shared some fish and chips, which were pretty decent. I was kind of expecting this to be a standard, not-so-great greasy spoon. But the fish and chips were pretty good, and they gave us a lot. A lot of tartar too! (Considering, there’s one girl and one boy hungry from moving and doing stuff all day.) I think we just vacuumed the fish and chips, in its greasy glory and gulped down our Sleeman Honey Browns. I really would like to come back for breakfast. The staff is friendly and the food came out pretty quick. The only negative experience is just some random sketchy people come in, but it’s near a Skytrain station so Bamboo Cafe is forgiven.



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