Yes, I know, it’s been a long time coming writing this post. I’ve been wanting to check out Bubble Queen from multiple friends and family that have told me they have the best bubble tea in Vancouver. But sadly, there are very little reasons I have for venturing into Richmond on a more frequent basis. However, I want to rectify this situation and I decided that since Brian had to be somewhere after dinner that is somewhat close to Richmond that we would go right then and there.


When we arrived, we were expecting it to be busy and packed – as we’ve been told. However, it wasn’t at all. Maybe because they were closing in an hour, there was just two groups of people waiting for their bubble tea and us. It’s a small cafe with maybe 15-20 seats, so it’s always best to get it to go.

Their most popular bubble tea would have to be a toss up between their fresh Mango and their Ferrero Rocher. But I wanted to try something different and also, they do not have fresh mango as it’s probably not the right season for it yet.


I went with their Coffee Crisp slush ($5.84). If you were wondering if it was overly sweet or had any taste of the actual bar, it definitely did and it wasn’t too sweet. It also didn’t have that grainy taste you’d get from blending up a chocolate bar (which is definitely a turn off!). I wouldn’t say I could get this on a regular basis as it is very heavy in taste and cream, but it is a nice treat! The good thing about Bubble Queen is that you can modify it by halting the sugar or not adding any extra sugar. You can also hold the whipped cream too. I really enjoyed this drink and I’d probably order it again, but I think I’d like to try their Ferrero Rocher next time.


Brian ordered the Strawberry Kit Kat with White Chocolate ($5.84). It’s funny because a lot of the times he and I order drinks, they always think that I get the more ‘girly’ looking drinks but it’s actually for Brian…and it’s not because they are ‘girly’ in anyway, it’s just that he prefers fruit sweetness whereas I’m more of a chocolate or straight up drinks type of girl.


Anyway, this drink was also delicious. It was a little too sweet for me, but if you’re a big fan of Kit Kat and strawberry, then this is right up your alley. Again, no grainy taste from the bar.


Finally, we ordered the Matcha Bubble Waffles ($3.57). You can add stuff into the middle, for example the matcha waffles could come with red beans, but since we were having sweet drinks we passed and went for the plain ones. It was a nice light treat and had a hint of the matcha flavour. One of their most popular is their Oreo Bubble Waffles, which I will probably try out next time I’m there.

My only gripe with Bubble Queen is the service, Brian asked the girl on till which one tasted better between white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate for his drink and she cut him off and said it really didn’t make a difference. Really? Anyway besides that, she seemed distracted and had no interest in serving anyone. She was also pretty rude to a family when they were asking about the contents inside their drinks. I know a lot of people say that I shouldn’t expect much from asian places, but you know what? It shouldn’t be left at that, it shouldn’t be acceptable to give poor service, period.

Any way, I’d still come back here for a treat once in a while and also to try their Oreo Bubble Waffles.


Service: mini1fork

Value: mini3andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 4forks

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