I was really excited to go to The Dumpling Festival, or as titled by VanCity Buzz. But that was a misleading title. It’s actually the Lunar Festival, with one kiosk/tent of dumplings. With an extremely long line. The food was good, but it was not worth the hype. Hell it’s not even what the article said it was.

The less polite response on my facebook was that it was “This sucks. One line, one kiosk, you might as well go to Grandma’s house for Lunar New Years instead.” I proceeded to get stories from my friends who had been there and were very disappointed as well.

I mean I liked the food and think the people behind this dumpling tent were very awesome to handle the amount of people who came. But VanCity Buzz and other publications (like the Straight, Chowhound, BC Living) who named it the “Dumpling Festival” and or the publicists behind the event who sent the press release might as well have placed a sign on their tent being like “The Only Dumplings in Town”. So many people left the line in frustration.dumpling IMG_7807 IMG_7808It took us 40 minutes to get the food depicted above. Good. But good grief: Go to Richmond or Chinatown. The food here is around $6-8 per item… including the buns. New Town anyone?